Monika Maniecka-Pela

About the trainer

Trainer, Psychologist, Cognitivist, Coach, future therapist.

For over seven years, she has been supporting people in overcoming life's difficulties. She also conducts soft skills and team building workshops. In her free time, she is willing to expand his knowledge of working on the awareness of the body and mind as well as healthy eating.

She specializes in training soft skills, in particular coping with stress, self-awareness, searching for contact with one's own body and emotional health.


Monika Maniecka-Pela

Building teams

Monika Maniecka-Pela


Monika Maniecka-Pela

Managing stress

Additional information

A graduate of psychology and cognitive science at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, postgraduate studies in “Managerial Coaching” at the University of Economics in Poznań and the basic course in Systemic Therapy in Poznań.

Certified Breathing Instructor Course with the Buteyko Method. Muscular-fascial energy release

  • Release & Balance the Pelvis Core Integration
  • Feet Legs & Hips