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EU co-financing 

We implement EU projects in the area of professional activation in Poland and abroad. As part of EU projects, you can use comprehensive support for free, improve your professional qualifications, language skills and self-confidence. We will find the right internship and job for you or help you set up your own business. 

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Opinions of project participants

When I was planning to start working full time after my maternity leave, an ad by Profesja that they are commencing a project co-financing people starting their own business got my attention. People working on the project were extremely helpful. They patiently answered my questions, dispelled doubts, and when I decided to take part in the project, I could count on their assistance in completing the documents. After passing the recruitment stage for the project, completing courses, workshops, and talks with advisers, I succeeded. I got the dream funding and started my own business. Currently, I have a great company, lots of customers, several magazines wrote about my business, and I do what I like most every day – I saw.
Lucyna Tumasz (
Thanks to Grupa Profesja I took part in a project, after which I got a job. As a project participant, I took part in remarkably interesting theoretical and practical classes, I had meetings with a career counsellor, psychologist and job coach. I also completed a computer course. Profesja organized a 3-month internship after which the employer decided to hire me. I am incredibly happy with my place of employment.
Kamil Kałuża
Thanks to Grupa Profesja I made my dream come true, which was to have a company that allows me to advise on obtaining financing. Profesja employees’ assistance with submitting the application and individual care was invaluable. I allocated the funds from the acquired funding to the purchase of equipment, thanks to which I can run my business efficiently.
Piotr Ciołek (Asesor Finanse)
I took part in an EU project the goal of which was to gain the skills necessary to run my own business, as well as receive funds to start it. The project, whose beneficiary was Grupa Profesja, turned out to be the perfect choice for my career - the substantive process of running the project, as well as many fruitful contacts and specialized training developed my knowledge in business, accounting and marketing issues. The intensive series of meetings and lectures conducted by Profesja resulted in the preparation of a very highly rated business plan, which helped me receive the highest possible grant to start my own business. It was a turning point in my business and therefore also artistic career.
Tomasz Jusza

They trusted us

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Refresher training and courses is the third area that Grupa Profesja specializes in – next to recruitment for companies and EU projects.

Thanks to many years of project implementation, Profesja has a database of qualified and experienced coaches who conduct refresher courses in Poznań and the whole of Greater Poland on an ongoing basis. Due to the increasing demand for vocational education, Grupa Profesja conducts paid qualifying refresher courses.

The offer is addressed to both companies and individuals who cannot participate in a project in which, for example, a refresher course can be completed free of charge. Depending on the needs and location of the group, refresher courses in Warsaw, Kraków or smaller towns are also included in the company’s offer. If you are interested contact us at