Are you looking for an attractive job? Just send us your CV.


Are you looking for an employee? Take of several possibilities.


Is an employment agency today a luxury that a few can afford or a standard?

The modern world requires constant improvement and readiness for quick
changes. A place of work that was once associated with life, today changes
every 3-4 years. Moreover, as Goethe already wrote, “whoever does not
move forward, he withdraws”. The need to improve one’s qualifications is
inevitable and applies to every position. At the Grupa Profesja, we
understand it perfectly! We help business owners in acquiring valuable
employees, employees in improving their skills, for private individuals
Profesja Group is a job broker helping them find their place on the labor

A good recruitment agency is more and more often number one on the list
of entities with which business owners want to cooperate. An employment
agency in cities such as Wrocław, Kraków or Warsaw is beginning to be
perceived as an external HR department, a real return on investment and a
huge time saving.

Grupa Profesja Sp. z o.o. is a unique employment agency from Poznań, we
offer not only job placement, but also training and vocational courses, EU
internships and innovative solutions dedicated to companies. An important
area of activity for us is broadly understood professional activation, which
we promote through EU projects. The Grupa Profesja is a recruitment
agency for companies, and at the same time an employment agency for those who need a change or are just entering the labor market.