Open trainings

We offer open trainings. Anyone interested in the subject of the training can join it. This formula of training allows us to share our expert knowledge with a wider group of participants. Joint exchange of experiences is the added value of each meeting. From the list of trainings provided, the participant can choose the training subject that is most needed for him at a given moment.

Open trainings are dedicated to individual clients, managerial staff, but also to trainers who want to strengthen their work skills. Each training has its own training card, which describes detailed information including the scope of the training, duration, coach profile and place of training.

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We specialize in training in the field of:

  • personal development,
  • systemic coaching,
  • management,
  • sales,
  • HR,
  • or marketing.

We also support our clients through mentoring and individual coaching. It is a special form of development because during the meeting the issues faced by the client are analyzed and solved. When choosing this form of cooperation, the client should be fully ready for deep development work. We also work with international trainers specializing in a systemic approach.

Upcoming training:

May 2021