Magdalena Juszczak

I am Magda. The last seven years have actually been a search for my place on earth, where I would feel good and do what I wanted. I tried different things: according to the principle that life is about fulfillment and satisfaction. Because my health life shook a bit, the first year was a fight for me, for my health. When I finally understood my new reality and was ready to go back to work, I turned out to be useless in the labor market. I couldn’t find myself in the new situation. My physical condition had nothing to do with my education, experience, passion for performing tasks, achieving goals, and also what is very valuable: willingness to learn. As professionally, unfortunately, I had no opportunity to fulfill myself, I decided to use my energy to gain new knowledge and education, and also for what I never had enough time for: reading books.

And how was it? Overall very good. But I was missing something. On my way I met Mrs. Dominika Flaczyk, the founder of the Grupa Profesja. In short, he was the right man at the right place at the right time. With the help of the Profesja team, I decided to apply for funding to set up my own business. It was my great call. Suddenly it was possible to use all the acquired knowledge as a working tool. With the subsidy obtained, I bought all the necessary tools and equipment to enable me to carry out my plans.

I decided to do what I do best, because I did it on my own example. I hav prepared a number of courses for children and teenagers, whose task is to show them various possibilities of effective and fast learning and reading. I watch a lot. My friends have school-age children and one sentence is repeated for each of them: there is so much learning that after school my child eats lunch and we sit down to class together. The rat racing moved on to the little ones. School is a compulsory minimum. Usually, such a young person has a lot of extra-curricular activities: foreign languages, tutoring … I know after myself that there are different techniques and ways to make learning not only easy but also fun. I’m going to share them.

When I started to have health problems, and above all related to mobility, and thus I ceased to be attractive on the labor market, I decided to discover the possibilities of the Internet from the point of view of the enterprise and global opportunities that appeared for companies on the Internet. I would also like to share this knowledge. Initially I think in small groups, I also plan to deal with marketing opportunities for companies; market research, strategy development. MISSY is: Marketing, Internet, SEO and SEM, Training, challenges. Just getting started. However, I think that if I can do what I like, I will realize myself and find my fulfillment.

Magdalena Juszczak