1. What does support of an agency involve in terms of recruitment?

We carry out the entire recruitment process from beginning to end. At the beginning we receive the profile of the candidate sought from the company. Then, using the available tools, we look for candidates who meet the specific requirements and have specific competences. We conduct a telephone interview, and then if it is included in the package – we meet with a potential candidate during the recruitment interview. If in our opinion the candidate meets certain requirements and also his/her characters seems consistent with the company’s values, we write and send a recommendation to the customer. The customer decides if they wish to meet the candidate. The next step is to arrange a meeting of the candidate with a company representative at a specified time and date. After the meeting, the customer decides whether the person meets their expectations and wants to hire him/her.

The number of recommendations sent depends on the package chosen by the Company. If the company wants to hire a candidate, employment conditions are set. At this stage, the role of the agency ends.

  1. How does your recruitment process look like?

We recruit and look for candidates using various tools. The scope of activities is dictated by the package selected by the customer (Company) upon signing the order. Available options include a package of advertisements on various websites with job advertisements, direct search and even headhunting.

  1. What methods do you use when looking for an employee??

We use methods indicated in a given package, i.e. the advertisement package, direct search, headhunting.

  1. How soon can you find an employee for us?

We try to send the first candidate within the first 7 days of starting recruitment. The whole process depends on the type of recruitment, industry specifics and the scope of requirements that the customer wants the potential employee to meet.

  1. Do you specialize in a specific level?

We support companies at various levels. From the lowest, such as production workers to the highest levels, such as presidents, directors. However, we are more often looking for middle and senior employees.

  1. How do you differ from other agencies?

As Profesja in addition to supporting companies in recruitment – we conduct internal audits, and after examining the needs, we can train employees. We offer soft commercial trainings on a wide range of topics. In addition to these two specializations, we also deal with EU projects and help companies go through the BUR (base of development services), where trainings can be financed from EU funds.

  1. What does a success fee mean?

This means that for activities related to a recruitment process, invoices are issued only after the order has been completed, i.e. after the actual employment of our candidate at the customer’s company.

  1. What is your guarantee?

Our guarantee is part of the recruitment process. Depending on the position and the recruitment package selected, after hiring our candidate, the customer is entitled to a guarantee of varying lengths for the service. If the candidate is dismissed within a certain period of time, leaves, quits his/her job for reasons not attributable to the employer, the company has another candidate guaranteed at the rate already paid. The condition for the guarantee to be implemented is a paid invoice for the service within the prescribed period.

  1. What does its length depend on?

The length of a guarantee depends on the recruitment package selected and the level of the position.

  1. Where do you look for potential employees?

First, we search in our database, as well as on social media: LinkedIn, Goldenline, Facebook, we place ads on websites with job offers, and if it is to be headhunting, we search for companies from the industry and talk with their employees about the possibility to consider a job offer from our customer.

  1. Can you help during an interview and selection of the right candidate at a later stage??

If the package provides for it, we can participate in the interview at the customer’s facility. Our recruiter provides support in the selection of an employee.

  1. We have never recruited employees. We do not know what the process involves. Can you deal with the whole process?

Of course. We offer a package that provides complete recruitment from searches to final participation and support during the final selection of a future employee.