Małgorzata Pankiewicz-Buko

About the trainer

Work and Organizational Psychologist, Occupational Counselor, Trainer of Interpersonal Skills and Specialist Training.

She has many years of experience in conducting trainings in the field of soft skills, development of personal competences and career counseling. In her training, she always tries to combine theoretical knowledge with practical exercises and tasks integrating the group, supporting the process of cooperation among employees.

She believes that every employee has enormous professional potential. It is she who gives the opportunity to take actions that will translate into tangible benefits for the company. In her coaching work, she tries to awaken the awareness of what it means to talk boldly, I give tools for how to talk effectively.

In her trainings, she tries to reach the real emotions and beliefs of the participants. She focuses on working with attitudes and emotions - by engaging emotions, we can mobilize energy to act. She believes that this is the only way to motivate people to permanent changes.

In total, she spent over 4,000 hours in the training room. It is possible to conduct training in English. What training can she conduct?

  • customer service training
  • training in time management
  • training in interpersonal communication
  • training in work motivation and goal setting
  • managerial training
  • training in customer service for the call center department
  • training in assertive behavior
  • influencing people and defending against manipulation
  • business negotiations and conflict resolution
  • savoir-vivre in business


Małgorzata Pankiewicz-Buko

Professional and psychological counseling

Małgorzata Pankiewicz-Buko


Małgorzata Pankiewicz-Buko

Customer service

Additional information

  • Certificate of graduation from the Set Academy Business Trainers
  • Certificate of completion of the course: Psychology for the trainer of the Business Trainers Club
  • Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, major: Psychology, specialization: Work and Organizational Psychology