Izabela Kielczyk

About the coach

Certified International Coaching Community(ICC) coach.

Business psychologist, psychotherapist, business people trainer, entrepreneur.

The basis of every business is a person, and the condition of success is relations with clients, contractors and the team. Therefore, using her knowledge and experience, she helps leaders face challenges and conducts her own therapy for business people.

She is a psychologist by passion, education and practice. She specializes in business psychology. She is also an entrepreneur and managing manager of two companies: the family production company Bellako Sp. z o.o. and the Kielczyk Psycho-Development Workshop. At work, she combines the experience of an entrepreneur with the education of a psychologist. She conducts mentoring and sessions for senior management. She prepares lectures and webinars on business psychology for individual orders of companies, institutions, business organizations and universities. As an expert, she gives interviews to the media of industry, opinion-forming and news publications.


Izabela Kielczyk

Managerial training

Izabela Kielczyk

Business psychology

Izabela Kielczyk


Informacje dodatkowe

  • Member of the Professional Psychological Council of the Polish Psychological Association
  •  A graduate of the University of Social Sciences and Humanities at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw