Extremely fast diagnostic tools!

The very first session with our consultant will immediately show the source of your problems and give you a plan on how to fix them.


System Settings method is used primarily to:


Improve relationships with customers

Solve conflicts


Averse crises

Hone leadership skills


Help with strategic decision-making


Ease internal reorganization efforts


Get a clear big picture of current situation


Find new ways to improve

This method can benefit everyone::


Company board chairmen, small business owners, middle management, employees and even the unemployed. System Settings can be used both 1-on-1, as wel as in group workshops.

It originates from Family Settings by Bert Hellinger. It has been noted that similar laws and relationships occur in families and organizations, foundations, corporations, businesses.

The trainer works based on universal laws, and helps to bring balance into the system. A healthy organization is one in which all members feel good and can work at their best. Employee turnover is marginal, and motivation soars. Managing such an enterprise is a joy.


If the System is unhealthy, it lacks confidence, loyalty and security. Conflicts emerge, mobbing takes place, stress and frustration burns through your employees.


System Settings allow you to see the hidden relationships. By exposing them, wrong opinions and judgements can be reversed, and proper solutions take their place. Seeing the big picture allows you to finally break through.


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