Training sponsorship

Employees of Profesja make an experienced team of professionals. After getting to know your needs and preferences we will help you choose the best service in our portfolio.

You can start the process as soon as you employ at least 1 person on a permanent job contract in Poland.

The Fund covers  100% of the training bills for micro-companies (up to 9 people) and  80% for other types of enterprises.

The money can be used for:
 language courses, professional training, studies and higher education, medical examinations and%nbsp;psychological help.

We can also assist you with:


  • Free analysis of needs when it comes to your skills,

  • National Fund paperwork, including the application,

  • Trainings and courses themselves,

  • Overwatch of the project,

  • Financial paperwork.

The biggest chances of using the Fund go to:


  • The industries of: industrial manufacturing, transport, healthcare, social programs.

  • Look for qualifications defined as lacking in a given territory of Poland.

  • Employ personnel who have at least 15 years of documented work in special conditions or character, with no bridging pension.

The Reserve Fund money will go to organizations that support comprehensive education of their employees:


  • With no high-school certificate,

  • Are 45 years old or older

  • Have a documented disability.

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