Lucyna Tumasz

Sewing fascinated me when I was a child. At school, during the ZPT classes, I looked forward to these lessons where it would be possible to sew something, at home I embroidered and made mouline bands. Back then, Iliked to do everything possible, arranging puzzles of 2000 pieces, turning clocks … it’s strange that I didn’t become a watchmaker. However, sewing was the closest to me, I think it passed in the genes of Grandma, the dressmaker.

Growing up, however, I focused on my favorite mathematics and computer science, which was only then entering schools. I forgot about sewing completely, I finished my studies in economics and computer science. I have also worked in this profession for many years.

My life changed completely when I became pregnant. Suddenly, due to the excess of free time during pregnancy, I remembered my childhood hobby. I bought some fabrics, sewing supplies and started sewing toys for my son who was about to appear in the world.

The first bear was very lopsided but I didn’t give up. When I got bored with toys, I started sewing bedding, clothes, pillows … The first prototypes were not perfect, but this fun in sewing drew me so much that I spent every free moment at the machine. My son came into the world and I continued to sew and sew with more and more passion, and many people, seeing that I sew for my son, asked me about the possibility of ordering such things for their children.

When Filipek grew older and the moment of returning to full-time job came, I had a big dilemma what to do. On the one hand, I loved my full-time job, on the other hand, I knew that I would not have time for sewing, working and raising my child. At that time, on the Internet, I caught the eye of the Profesja announcement that they were starting a project of funding for people starting their own business. The decision whether to join the project was difficult because it was associated with a high risk. I had to quit my full-time job with no guarantee of success in my own business. However, the people working on the project were extremely helpful. They patiently answered my questions, dispelled my doubts, and when I decided to take part in the project, I could count on their help in completing the documents.

After going through the recruitment stage for the project, courses, workshops and talks with advisers, I was successful. I received my dream subsidy and started my business by sewing accessories for children under the Uszyciuch brand, and currently I am developing the second LuckyYouArt brand, this time sewing handbags, backpacks.

Now, for several years, I have completely missed the feeling that I go to work. I have a great company, a lot of clients, several magazines wrote about my business, and every day I do what I like best..


Lucyna Tumasz