Internships co-financed by the European Union

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I am looking for an internship – everything you need to know about an EU internship.


An EU internship is a chance to test yourself at work in a specific position, get to know a new workplace and gain valuable experience. Grupa Profesja organizes vocational internships for participants of EU projects.

Depending on the selected project, we usually offer you:

  • Free career counselling
  • Free psychological consultations
  • Certified course or vocational training preparing for internships (you will receive a training scholarship for the course/training)
  • Paid vocational internship in a place of your choice

As a participant in the activation project, you can choose the place of your internship from our employers’ database or propose your own. If you are a person with disabilities, we will find a place suited to your needs.

Internship programs last from 3 to 6 months and are paid.

During the internship you receive a monthly remuneration, the so-called internship scholarship, which represents 120% of the unemployment benefit, i.e. PLN 1,017.40 net per month.

You have accident insurance; we additionally pay contributions for you:

  • health insurance contributions,
  • social security contributions,
  • retirement and disability pension contributions

(Note! Sickness insurance contribution is not paid).

Each intern has the right to two days of paid leave after each month worked and the right to sick leave and childcare – these periods are payable.

An internship from the European Union is exempt from income tax. The internship scholarship paid to participants of a project co-financed from the ESF is treated as assistance granted under the program financed with the participation of European funds (they are referred to in the Act on public finance of 27 August 2009). The basis for income tax exemption is art. 21 sec. 1 item 137 of the Personal Income Tax Act.

An intern is ensured an 8-hour workday (people with moderate and severe disabilities work 7 hours) and work from Monday to Friday. Importantly, an EU internship counts towards pension and holiday leave.

Do you wish to take advantage of an internship offer? You just have to fill in a short form and we will send you the current offers Apply!

I am looking for an intern – information for employers


EU internships are also a great opportunity for employers!
What are the benefits for employers employing interns at their companies?

  • Saving money – the internship scholarship is paid from EU funds
  • No time lost on formalities – HR and payroll issues are managed by Grupa Profesja
  • Involved and trained staff (courses implemented by a project participant can be selected according to the employer’s requirements)
  • Employers have an influence on who will do the internship in their company

Companies interested in an internship program co-financed from the EU can contact us via e-mail or telephone +48 537 838 222