Why individual improvement programs are effective?


Mostly due to long-term benefits and their cycle of learning. The customer gets to meet the coach on multiple occasions during an extended period of time, which allows for verification of newly acquired skills and on-the-go planning of further developments.


Individual improvement programs use methods of coaching and mentoring. The customer works 1-on-1 with their coach based on previously established goals and program.

Homework and between-sessions assignments. The customer gets assignments to complete between sessions, enabling them to use and practice their new skills.

Individually structured and flexible. Both the customer and coach focus on a precise goal, and as soon as it turns out that the program needs to be modified, it can be done easily.

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  • Better personnel management.
  • Improved self-perception.
  • Better budgeting skills.
  • More faith in yourself!
  • Better business and personal relationships.
  • Knowing your strong sides.
  • Getting rid of feelings of stagnation.

  • Better personal budgeting.
  • Improved planning and goal management.
  • Being healthier.
  • Finding your purpose in life.
  • Knowing where frustrations and barricades come from.
  • Openness to change.
  • More effectiveness, professionally and in private.
  • Getting rid of burnout and stress.

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