Why group improvement programs are effective?


Group improvement programs use methods of coaching and mentoring. The small group consists of up to 10 people.


Group gets to meet their coach on multiple occasions during an extended period of time, which allows for verification of newly acquired skills and on-the-go planning of further developments.

Homework and between-sessions assignments. The customer gets assignments to complete between sessions, enabling them to use and practice their new skills.

Possibility to exchange experiences, learn from a group and build meaningful relationships. A special Facebook group is made for the participants.

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  • Knowledge of your best skills and who you need to complete them.
  • Better emotion management and teamwork.
  • The importance of working with others as a team.
  • Management of team’s energy.
  • Improved communication and team workflows.

  • Understanding oneself and others in a group environment.
  • More team effectiveness.
  • Acceptance of different views and skill sets in a team.
  • More sales.
  • Dealing with conflicts.

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