National Training Fund, i.e. funding for training for your employees. 


The receipt of applications to obtain funding for training for employees and employers from the National Training Fund has commenced. In 2020 PLN 246 million has been allocated to increase personnel qualifications.  

Reimbursement of employee training costs from PLN 5,000 to 14,000!

For over 10 years Grupa Profesja has been acquiring and settling funding for training for companies. We have helped and gained trust of dozens of companies from all over Poland.

Take the opportunity and get funding for training for your employees! Come to us and receive professional advice!

We will help you obtain funds from the National Training Fund (NTF)!

What is the National Training Fund?

National Training Fund (NTF) is a pool of funds from the Labour Fund intended for raising professional competences of employees and employers. In 2020, as much as PLN 246 million will be allocated to fund trainings that will improve personnel competences and qualifications, and thus increase their competitiveness on the labour market.

Who can receive such funding?

Entrepreneurs who employ at least one employee can apply for funding for training from the NTF. In the case of awarding funds from the NTF, the type of contract based on which a given employee is employed and the number of hours specified in it do not matter. Entrepreneurs themselves can also apply for funding for training.

What can you get funding for?

Funding for training from the NTF can be obtained for: language and vocational courses, postgraduate studies, exams, medical and psychological examinations, competence and qualification training. The Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy sets priorities for a given year. The full list of priorities for 2020 can be downloaded HERE

What is the amount of funding?


The amount of funding for training for employees depends on the size of the enterprise.

Microentrepreneurs employing up to 9 people can obtain 100% funding, for medium and large enterprises funding for training reaches 80%.

In any case, the amount of funding for training for one employee cannot exceed 300% of the average employee’s salary in a given year. Support for lifelong learning with funds from the NTF is provided on the basis of de minimis aid.


  •   up to 100% of costs for microentrepreneurs
  •   up to 80% of costs for large and medium enterprises

You do not know how to apply for funding for training from the NTF? Contact us!
What is our offer?

Obtaining funding for training is not everything! Based on our knowledge and experience we also offer:

1)    analysis of needs in the scope of improving qualifications

2)   preparing an application for obtaining funds from the NTF

3)   organization of trainings and courses – see our OFFER

4)    supervision over the correct implementation of the project

5)    settlement of funds obtained from the NTF

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