We know that the success of every company is not their bank balance, but rather their human capital. It is the employees, their passion and successes, that speak for a company in the best manner possible.

Why choose us?



Mamy świadomość, że czas jest kluczem do sukcesu w każdym przedsięwzięciu, dlatego potrafimy rozważnie nim zarządzać, tak, by jak najszybciej zrealizować założone cele.



If our candidate of choice does not meet your expectations, we will supply another candidate with no additional fees.


All information regarding your company will be handled properly and given to candidates only in the way you specify.


We look for candidates using only the most effective, proven methods and tools, including Direct Search databases.

No exclusiviness

We do not fear our competitors, so having a deal with us does not exclude you from using their services, too.


Proponujemy dogodny i elastyczny system rozliczeń za usługę dopasowany do potrzeb Klienta i wyników rekrutacji.


Dbamy o pozytywny wizerunek marki Klienta, wiemy, że  jest to  klucz do pozyskania największych talentów na rynku pracy.


Our specialized team of recruiters takes full responsibility for candidates. We analyse their expectations, skills and interests.



Every customer also has a dedicated Account Manager, who is always available to help.


We organize language training, as well as psychological and cultural help in order to break all the barriers for a candidate.


During 7 years of operation we have recruited over 2500 employees, and our internal database has over 10,000 records.



If you need a highly specialized employee not available on the job market, headhunting can be used to bring great results.





        → Employee profileTogether we list all the required soft and hard skills.


        → Beginning of selectionInitial candidate filtering is on us.


        → RecruitmentThis is what we do best..


        → Interviews and testsdifferent techniques used.


        → Candidate profilesWe select the best candidates and recommend them to you.


        → Candidate introductionWe help you meet them.


        → Employment and guarantee –Your success is our key metric.


Our international services guarantee complex coverage of all the needs of your employees: language workshops, psychological and ‘cultural help.

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Tel. +48 577 666 148

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