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Training opinions

Training participants awarded coach Joanna Jadach for great sales experience and a great willingness to adapt to the needs of the group. The training took place in a workshop formula with a great emphasis on practical exercises involving participants. The coach provided references to daily work at ONDRE in an interesting way to categorize a group of customers. The training was conducted in a pleasant atmosphere, and the entire workshop was concise and logically organized.
Borys Pacanowski, firma ONDRE
The trainings were conducted at a remarkably high substantive level, and most importantly, despite often difficult issues, they took place in a friendly atmosphere. Thanks to the professionalism, high competences of the coaches and the way of conducting classes, I got the impression that I myself have a direct impact on the course of classes and the scope of topics discussed, which significantly affected my attention and full involvement. Knowledge was passed on in an accessible and understandable manner, and the exercises helped to better understand the issues and believe in one’s own possibilities in terms of using the acquired knowledge and skills in practice.
Tomasz Łabacki, firma LABDEV
As a participant of many workshops and trainings on establishing and running a business, I can confidently recommend training services provided by Profesja to everyone. Their services are provided at a remarkably high level. Both the organization, training program and customer service did not raise any reservations. High flexibility and understanding of customer needs is another advantage of this institution. Based on my experience, I can fully recommend Profesja as a trusted and reliable partner in the field of training and consulting.
Anna Amelia Filewicz, firma BLACKTASTE
The trainings I participated in were conducted in a very professional manner. The company’s care for the substantive scopes of individual sessions, the quality of training materials and the selection of both appropriate coaches and the method of transferring knowledge and skills are noteworthy. I recommend training conducted by Profesja as training stimulating the involvement of participants and the integration of a training group. My assessment of the trainings is very positive, and in my opinion the knowledge and skills that I have acquired constitute the capital necessary for the effective operation of my own business.
Marlena Typiak, firma ARBOREA
When we realized that we need to increase the qualifications and skills of our employees, we began our cooperation with Profesja. The offer we received from Profesja was preceded by an analysis of our training needs and predispositions. In the end, it met our wildest expectations. Training in managerial skills and personal coaching was conducted. The service was preceded with due attention to detail, it was provided within a specified period and in a professional manner. The company’s flexibility in carrying out their tasks and openness to customer suggestions deserve appreciation. Based on the positive assessment of our cooperation, we recommend Profesja as a reliable partner.
Adam Załaszewski, firma CARPORT


Oana Tanase

Sławomir Pela

Sandra Zakrzewska

Patrycja Dziuba

Oliwa Samelak

Monika Maniecka – Pela

Marta Żurowska

Marta Poczta

Małgorzata Pankiewicz – Buko

Małgorzata Olewnik

Małgorzata Dębska

Magdalena Koźmala

Katarzyna Jagiełło

Katarzyna Czajkowska

Jolanta Pastor

Joanna Jadach

Joanna Bogielczyk

Hanna Jankiewicz

Dorota Jaślan

Anna Sławińska

Andrzej Zabawa

Agata Kurzajak


Grupa Profesja = comprehensiveness + individual approach





We focus on effects, not promises.

Our trainings strengthen and develop:

Effectiveness and goal orientation in teams

Team flexibility and quick adaptation to changes

Efficiency and effective use of potential of human resources in organizations

Ability to think comprehensively and make complex decisions

Quick response in crisis and conflict situations

Life balance as a balance and development of three elements – mind, body and spirit

System management skills

Data cybersecurity, digital competences


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Refresher training and courses is the third area that Grupa Profesja specializes in – next to recruitment for companies and EU projects.

Thanks to many years of project implementation, Profesja has a database of qualified and experienced coaches who conduct refresher courses in Poznań and the whole of Greater Poland on an ongoing basis. Due to the increasing demand for vocational education, Grupa Profesja conducts paid qualifying refresher courses.

The offer is addressed to both companies and individuals who cannot participate in a project in which, for example, a refresher course can be completed free of charge. Depending on the needs and location of the group, refresher courses in Warsaw, Kraków or smaller towns are also included in the company’s offer. If you are interested contact us at