An extremely fast diagnostic tool!


The first session with our consultant shows the source of your problem and allows you to create an effective action plan!


The systemic constellations method is used, among others in order to:


Improve the relationship between employees and customers

Resolve conflicts


Solve crises in companies

Improve the leadership function


Help in making strategic decisions


Facilitate the reorganization of internal structures


Obtain a clear assessment of the situation



Discover new opportunities and development directions

Who can use systemic constellations? Everyone:


From company presidents and family business owners, to managers of all levels, to regular employees, as well as the unemployed. Setup work is possible in groups (workshops) as well as in the form of individual sessions. 

The method of system settings in business and organizations is derived from Bert Hellinger’s family systemic constellations. It has been observed that the same laws operating in family systems also work in other systems, such as companies, associations, foundations, etc.

Our consultant works in accordance with these universal laws, helping to restore balance in the system. A healthy organization is an organization where members feel good and can work efficiently. It is an organization in which employee rotation is low and motivation is high. Managing such an organization is easy.

If a system is unhealthy, it lacks trust, loyalty and a sense of security, conflicts appear, mobbing occurs, stress, frustration and burnout among employees increase.


Systemic constellations allow you to see hidden relationships in the system. By showing true relationships, fixed misjudgements and opinions disappear, and available solutions are revealed. Showing reality helps heal the situation, overcome the impasse, stagnation and move forward.


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