Grupa Profesja Sp. z o.o. consists of experienced specialists from various fields. We help build and develop effective teams. People and their needs constitute the centre of our interests. We discover and develop the potential of individuals and ensure healthy development of entire organizations. We provide comprehensive solutions in the field of education, recruitment and development. We use innovative and unconventional methods, effectively use modern trends and create personalized solutions.

We recruit valuable employees with great effectiveness, and thus save the time and money of our customers. We devote all energy to quickly reach a person with specific qualifications and personality who will identify with the culture and values of a given company. In addition to effective recruitment, we offer personal consulting and personalized training programs.

A holistic approach to a company is what makes us different. Thanks to the methods we use, we implement the needs of both employers and employees in the implementation of training and recruitment. System settings allow us to reach unspoken messages that affect the functioning of the entire company and properly “set” mutual relations in the organization.

We are experts in writing, accounting and implementing EU projects. We operate in areas related to raising staff competences, reskilling, entrepreneurship development, digitization and professional activation. We run innovative national and transnational projects that promote the exchange of knowledge and good practices. We organize vocational courses raising competences and qualifications on a large scale.